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The Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology (IPBB) is one of leading research organizations in the field of plant biotechnology of Kazakhstan . The Institute is located in Almaty city and enjoys neirbourhood with the Kazakh National State University by al-Farabi and the Main Botanical Garden of Kazakhstan. The IPBB is working in close collaboration with agricultural breeding stations, Botanical Gardens and National Parks across the country. Our mission is to improve crop breding programs based on new agrobiotechnologies, study of Kazakhstan's rich flora, including the preservation of rare endemic species, and protection of environment via phytoremidiation. The IPBB is excellent place to grow profesionally for young researchers who dedicate their future for studying plant biology and biotechnology.

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Training course of IPBB for young scientists of Kazakhstan

Special Issue "Plant Science and Biotechnology in Kazakhstan" was published by AAJPSB (GSB, UK).

IPBB has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with John Innes Centre, UK

The workshop "DNA genotyping of commercial wheat and barley cultivars" was held in IPBB on March 18-19, 2010

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